• Damage assessment. Professionals do a much better job analyzing and determining the scrutiny of a crack or a chip. No damage is the same. While there are certain features normal folks would normally gloss over, glass analysis focuses on aesthetic features that will fit the intending customer in the long run.
  • Energy efficiency. Energy costs and efficacy is another thing you would probably look into before embarking on a replacement. Replacements come with extra costs due to modern modifications but would fit your pocket in the long run. If the damaged window you are currently considering fails in balancing the temperature of your home during seasonal changes, yes you have got a problem that will cost you extra in the long run.
  • Airtightness. Airtightness directly affects the temperature and comfort of your home. Energy focused windows like low e emitters need a compact feature and could become loose through hinge losses and rusts of metal casings. Aesthetic related windows like floaters need to be less loose and less compact to allow for better air exchanges for the comfort of your home.
  • Pocket friendliness. You need to consider the size of your pocket and the returns in the long run before embarking on a replacement. Modern windows focus on new energy features, aesthetics, and the general outlook of your home. Considering this, you need to focus on the durability and comfort of your intending cost. Choose what you know will last and not come along with the previous problems.

Our services

Our services extend to a wide range of glass products. We offer glass repairs for cracks, chips, age, hinges, etc. glass installations i.e. installations of vinyl window glass, acrylic glass, low e emitters, tempered glass doors, office window installations, etc. we also do replacements of all window features to suit your specific needs. Just place the call and we will get right on to you. Why choose Glass and Windows for your glass replacements? As a business in Whitby, ON. We have distinguished ourselves in offering a lot of glass customers their specific needs. With a huge pool of customer experiences to pull from we are certain we can meet your own needs. Just place the call and see what we do. And there is more;

  • 1. Realism. We are enthusiasts in modern window products, to offer you the comfort and luxury of your dreams.

  • 2. Customer satisfaction. Our customer service and customer relations are impeccable. You won’t frown much with us. We will always end up leaving you with a smile.

  • 3. pocket-friendliness. Ideally luxury and comfort do not come cheap in this modern age. But don’t worry our wide range of consumer products will be sure to give you what you need and also maintain the size of your pocket.

  • 4. Warranty. We offer a warranty on all our products and services, giving you a free fix for all shortcomings to ensure we satisfy you and uphold our brand.

  • So you need a window replacement you can trust us to give you what you want to cover up for future comfort and investments.