Glass And Windows Repair Whitby ON Is a business in Whitby, Ontario. With enthusiasm for glass products, we offer a variety of services from common glass repairs to luxury glass installations to modern innovations. We have a heart for meeting customers’ needs and introducing stunning glass products. Tempered glass, acrylic glass, vinyl glass, grazed glass, colored glass, etc. are all offered at affordable prices. You will find our customer service quite compelling and educative. We believe in business ethics such as professionalism, customer satisfaction, productivity, and pocket-friendliness. We have served a notable number of public centers, households, offices, and car owners. At Glass and Windows Repair, we care a lot about the safety and security of the citizens of Whitby, ON, as good as our products look they are also strong and eco-friendly.



Glass and Windows Repair Whitby ON offers a variety of services from common window repairs i.e. cracks, scratches, hinge loss, rotten wooden hauling, etc. Replacements like glass, frame, metal casings, accessories, wood replacements. Installation of prime time security glass, luxury-related products, vinyl glass, colored glass, acrylic glass, regular glasses. Aluminum capping and name it. Our brand offers a wide range of glass architecture and art to suit your needs

For window installation and repair; we offer:


Damage Assessment

Damage assessments that follow a specific criterion for security reasons and costs. No level of damage is equal, be it a crack or a chip.


Data Assessment

We make for data assessments to check for rusts, the durability of hinges and frames to ensure our repair work is as good as new or you might just need a new installation to give you standard & quality.



Everything is drafted into a quotation that will be made available in real-time. Once we reach an agreement we begin work immediately.



With respect for customer time and privacy, we deploy a team of handymen to assess repairs or installations in a reasonable time.



We offer a warranty on all services rendered. If any of our services fall below the expectations, we offer a free fix to ensure our brand is preserved.


Customer's Service

Customer service offers customers piety and every sense of responsibility to ensure the work is done well at the agreed time.