GLASS AND WINDOWS Is a business in Whitby, Ontario. With enthusiasm for glass products, we offer a variety of services from common glass repairs to luxury glass installations to modern innovations. We have a heart for meeting customers’ needs and introducing stunning glass products. Tempered glass, acrylic glass, vinyl glass, grazed glass, colored glass, etc. are all offered at affordable prices. You will find our customer service quite compelling and educative. We believe in business ethics such as professionalism, customer satisfaction, productivity, and budget-friendly. We have served a notable number of public centers, households, offices, and car owners. At Glass and Windows Repair Whitby ON, we care a lot about the safety and security of the citizens of Whitby, ON, as good as our products look they are also strong and eco-friendly.


Why We at Window and Glass Repair, Whitby Strongly Suggest Aluminum Capping?

Window aluminum capping reinforces the structure of your window frames, prolongs its life, and offers solutions to leakage problems. Among others window aluminum capping would also:

How We Do It

We offer window services ranging from window repairs to window accessory installations to whole window replacements. Our special cladding option enhanced windows aluminum capping to make for better cladding and return in your window investment. Upon receiving your call, we do let you open our window specialties, especially the ones your circumstances need. We also:

  • Deploy a serviceman or a team of servicemen to attend to your window requirements.
  • We offer free assessments on all costs and window needs, and if you missed something about your windows we will let you know and advise on what next.
  • We will draft a quotation stating all of your window requirements, and upon reaching an agreement we will begin work.
  • As professionals, we believe in the work ethics of time and efficiency. And since we are talking about your privacy and personal comfort, we do try to finish up as soon as possible.
  • We provide a warranty on all services rendered by us to you. And in case you eventually have a problem with the services rendered by us to we will come and fix it according to the provisions stated in the warranty

So why choose Glass and Windows?

So why choose Glass and Windows, Whitby, Ontario for your window aluminum capping? Because as a topmost business in window services, we essentially believe that Clients often seek to save costs and maximize value and service utility. With window aluminum capping, you get just that and with Our services, you get to enjoy even more benefits like:

  • Speed
  • Flawless services
  • Amiable customer relations
  • Professional advice and consultation

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